Fired Up Radio Show Collection!

Blanca is SO FIRED UP about her new radio show "Fired Up!" on True Oldies Radio.  The Fired Up Radio show has 3 segments:

(1) Hell and Back Story:  (Gold)  This is a 13-15 minute interview with Blanca discussing how our guest went to "hell and back" and how they came back from it with confidence, success and hope to inspire our audience.

(2) Laws of Business:     (Silver)  This is an 8-10 minute interview with Blanca discussing a concrete business strategy to educate the audience on how to improve their business.

(3) Lifestyle, Health, Fashion: (Bronze)  This is a 3.5-5 minute interview with Blanca examining life, love, fashion, travel or health.

All Guests that wish to appear as a "Segment Sponsor" must be approved by the Production Team of Fired Up.  Fired Up has the right to refuse a guest or refund a payment if the guest has not been approved in writing by the Fired Up Production Team.

Any business may purchase the Fired Up SPOT PACKAGE and record an audio commercial for the True Oldies Radio Station.

Thank you for getting Fired Up with us and hope to see you on the sponsor list!