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About Host Coach Rochelle Schwartz:

Coach Rochelle has been coaching for over 18 years and is the founder of the highly regarded personal development workshop series, The Soul of A Woman™.  Coach Rochelle hosts the FIRED UP WITH LOVE SEGMENT on the Fired Up with Blanca show!  Coach Rochelle Schwartz, CMIC, is proud to have been a guest on The Oprah Show! Rochelle and her work with the The Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching earned her an opportunity to sit with Oprah herself.  She has been featured on numerous television and radio shows; as well as, being featured in local newspapers and Simply the Best magazine. Coach Rochelle has assisted thousands of individuals through the personal development and healing process. Coach Rochelle is known for her ability to facilitate positive, personal transformation. She is a healer and her gift to humanity is that of a Love Educator. Through Love Education™ Coach Rochelle provides the ability to discover and analyze the connections between historical context and current personal narratives. Through her acclaimed instruction, participants become more aware of the importance of love-based consciousness with themselves and others. She provides divinely-inspired concepts and tools to assist the participant in implementing Love-Based Consciousness™.  Coach Rochelle has been a webcaster in the Laws of Life Network hosting The Laws of Love for approximately one (1) year.  Three of her recent episodes are also below.  Coach Rochelle’s segment is sponsored by Dennis Paul, the Founder of Chronic Wellness International.  Rochelle is taking the lead on the two




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Tel:  954-464-7017

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Website:  RochelleSchwartz.com