Fired Up Show Description and Segments

Blanca is the Senior Producer, Host of the Fired Up with Blanca Show!  This is a 1 hour show with 8 segments brought to you by True Oldies Radio Station 95.9 and 106.9 FM Treasure Coast.  

SEASON 2:  Every Wednesday night at 6:00 pm, Streaming live on THE LAWS OF LIFE with Blanca FB Page & 95.9 FM & 106.9 FM Jensen Beach-Delray Beach.

Segment 1            Hell and Back                             Hosted by Blanca

In the Hell and Back segment, Blanca interviews guests that have been to "hell and back" and asks them about their "laws of life" along the way.  

Segment 2            Silver Linings Segment             Hosted by Stephene Klein

Stories that allow listeners to glean serendipitously insightful messages of encouragement, even when they least expect it.  


Segment 3            Laws of Divorce                         Hosted by Doreen Yaffa

Family law attorney Doreen Yaffa teaches us about divorce, collaborative divorce, mediation and more.

Segment 4             Laws of Ultimate Health              Hosted by Dr. D'Alessio
Dr. D'Alessio teaches us about health, wellness, facials, nutrient IV's and more.
Segment 5:             Mother Daughter Dynamic Duo    Hosted by Rochelle/Alisha
Two brilliant life coaches analyze mother-daughter dynamics helping us reconnect and touch on hot topics such as choices and jealous
Segment 6:             Laws of Visionary Leaders            Hosted by Johnny Regan
Johnny is the Founder of The The Movies and Popcorn Movement® and the Global Vision Conference ignites true vision inside all of us. 
Segment 7              Sunny's Promotions                      Hosted by Sunny Arfa
Top networker in South Florida Sunny Arfa shares amazing events, real estate listings and a slice of life.

Segment 8               Laws of Business Breakthroughs    Hosted by Bimal Shah
Bimal Shah, CEO of Rajparth Achievers, LLC teaches us the art of business and very detailed strategies to achieve success. 
Segment 9               Grand Lagoon Life                 Hosted by Marta Rose Thorpe
Marta reports on life, art and business from the Grand Lagoon in Panama City Beach.
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Because community counts.  Watch Blanca and all of her amazing co-hosts, every Wednesday night at 6 pm for Fired Up with Blanca.