Laws of Health co-hosted by Beth Meirav, Chef Dave Shaffy & Blanca

Beth Meirav is the Owner of The Sadkhin Complex in Boca Raton, Florida.  

As featured on NBC, Fox, ABC and NY1, The Sadkhin Method® achieves complete Hunger Control and introduces hunger management as a main element for natural, fast, and completely safe weight loss. Dr. Sadkhin implements the use of 16 biologically active points (Sadkhin Points®) through a technique called chrono-stimulation to effectively 

  • reduce hunger
  • dissolve fatty tissue
  • maintain long-term weight loss results and wellness 

In order to provide the body with proper nutrients to sustain a healthy function, The Sadkhin Complex has combined our method with a specific temporary food plan consisting of fruits, vegetables and dairy or lactose free alternatives that include many options for Vegans.

Contact Beth Meirav today at 917-640-8001 or visit her website