Laws of Mirror Your Magnificence, Hosted by Carrol T. Wilkinson

The Laws of Mirror Your Magnificence is hosted by Carrol T. Wilkinson.   Mirror Your Magnificence is the result of Carrol T Wilkinson’s lifelong dedication to helping women live the life of their dreams.  The tools Carrol has created and used successfully in her life all stem from her own experiences and challenges with self-esteem and self-perception, and now, she’s making them available to you. 

How can it work?  Simple!  By using her knowledge, Carrol has created multiple ways for you to break through the negative, focus on the positive, and begin to truly enjoy your life, your image, and to feel comfortable in any situation, no matter what it is.

Carrol is on a mission to build the Magnificence brand as a motivational speaker, bestselling author and mentor.  In sharing her message globally with womenpreneurs through “how-to” strategies, Carrol strives to help women dramatically increase confidence and reflect their light from within on the world.

Carrol lives in South Florida with her two furry boys.