“Social media is the heart of the brand.” 


Law of Social Media:  Your social media is a reflection of your brand’s creativity, passion and expertise.  It will be assessed by individuals throughout the world and often will be the first impression of how your followers assess your expertise.

 Advantages of Working with The Laws of Life Team

Everyone has different tastes and preferences for color and design.  Each of our clients is assigned their own Laws of Life engineer and meets with their engineer on a weekly basis (if they so desire) to review and approve the graphically designed posts for their social media.                 


You will also have the opportunity for a 1 hour branding strategy session with Blanca Greenstein, the Founder of Laws of Life to assist you in planning you social media strategy.

Facebook & LinkedIn

$300 per Month


3 posts per week per platform

1 hour weekly design meeting per week with their own designer where client has direct feedback on their social media designs


$300 per Month


3 posts per week  

1 hour design meeting with their own designer where they have feedback on the social media designs 

30 hashtags specifically researched to match their post to maximize their audience (1-3 hours per week by their engineer to do proper hashtag identification 

We will also TAG up to 25 people on the post that relate to the content of the post: Guest/Sponsors/Gift sponsor