Sponsorship of a TALK SHOW

The collective demographic of the Laws of Life Team is just under 75,000.  An itemization of all webcast hosts and their following reflecting this precise following can be provided upon a request to blanca@lawsoflife.shop.  The key to a business owner sponsoring a talk show is to elect the talk show that best meshes with the "theme" of the business.  

First, the prospective sponsor should review the current Talk Show Line Up.  

Second, the prospective sponsor should choose the talk show to which their business best relates.

Third, the prospective sponsor can review the levels of talk show sponsorship and render a decision as to the appropriate level for the sponsor's marketing strategy and budget.

Fourth, the prospective sponsor should complete the form below to apply for sponsorship or simply request a meeting with The Laws of Life team by sending an email to blanca@lawsoflife.shop with any questions, comments or concerns.

The team can always create a "custom sponsorship" for a business owner.

Thank you for joining the community empowerment conversation.