Streaming your Show

What is a Live Stream? It is a live video of you that is distributed to your social media channels such as Facebook, You Tube, Linked In, Twitter, Your Website and Your Roku Channel.


Why do people live stream? This is a way of sharing your laws of life with the world. The reasons are to:

(1) Build your Audience on Social Media

(2) Create your brand authority in your niche

(3) Become recognized as an authority in your category of expertise

(4) Ignite opportunites for others to interview you

(5) Create one on one opportunities by interviewing others on your live stream which helps you educate people about your brand


I can do it myself. Why do I need a company to help me?

Even as an experienced live streamer, you need to maintain your eye contact with the camera as you are streaming. The minute you lose eye contact, you are losing connection with your audience. Therefore, by having a Laws of Life Engineer help you live stream, you can focus on your content and the conversation instead of switching from your intro to your intervening images and videos during the live stream. You also need help repurposing your live stream and distributing it to as many eye balls as possible. What's the point of creating amazing streams if no one sees them?


Why a Stream Team helps you build your brand:


(1) We can create the accompanying marketing strategy to boost your live stream

(2) We can assist in writing the copy for your show

(3) We can assist in targeting the right guests for your show

(4) We can assist in promoting your show

(5) We can assist in repurposing your show

(6) We can assist in reposting your show to Instagram, Instagram Reels, Tik Tok and Tik Tok Reels

(7) We can assist in extracting the most powerful 30 seconds of your show and creating social media hype around it

(8) We can assist in running Facebook ads around your show

(9) We can use your live stream 30 second extract as a Google Ad

(10) We can assist in integrating your live stream into your email or SMS strategy


Where can I distribute my live stream to? You can choose to distribute:


Facebook Linked In You Tube Twitter Your Website Laws of Life Roku Channel Your Own Roku Channel


or choose


Laws of Life PLUS Distribution Package streaming to 137 channels (Extra fee depending on which package you choose!)