Understanding Laws of Life Coaching

The Laws of Life can provide direct life coaching services to you on the art of life and of business.  The Senior Coach is Blanca Greenstein, an entrepreneur, with 24 years of business, life and legal skills experience.  Blanca was head of a publicly traded corporation for 5 years, she was the Managing Partner of not one but two companies and has a true passion for helping people get through life's challenges.  "There is no human being that is immune from challenges, difficulties and let downs.  I treasure the opportunity to be a life resource for those that are currently suffering or simply wish to be supported and require assistance in achieving their goals" said Blanca.  We also have a team of other coaches too as there is a unique art to matching a coach with a client.  There is no limit on the ability of a human being to excel except themselves.  The truth is - humans perform at their highest levels when they are operating within a team so the coach-client relationship helps accelerate progress.  A client can purchase an individual session or a group session in the product section of the lawsoflife.shop.