What is a community hero?

A community hero is an individual or group (it could even be an animal in theory) or even someone that is no longer living that has performed any act of kindness (small or big) that the nominator wishes to acknowledge.

Definition of an Act of Kindness:  The act of doing something for another individual or group that reflects their caring heart.  

The Laws of Life believes that searching for community heroes is one of life's greatest adventures and is accomplished by meeting as many new people as possible and getting to know their "laws of life" and if they have a hero in their life.  The stories of the heroes makes them so interesting and finding out the experience that drove them to perform the act of kindness is equally inspiring.

We believe that heroes should be acknowledged.  If you know a community hero and you would like to acknowledge them and make them feel special, then message "The Laws of Life with Blanca" on Facebook and tell us the following information:

Your Name (Nominator)

Your Email

Your Cell Number

The Name of the Community Hero (Nominee)

Email address of Nominee

Cell Number of Nominee

Why is the Nominee a Community Hero?


We promise to read all nominations for community heroes.  If your hero is selected, then he or she will be invited to appear as a guest on the show either in person or via Skype.  The hero's choice of charity will also become the featured charity and receive 15% of all profits.