STARTER STREAMER PACK  ($400 per month)

STARTER STREAMER PACK ($400 per month)

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Show Strategy:

1 30 minute strategy sessions per month:

  • Discuss business goal and intention of the show
  • Brainstorm on show topics
  • Receive recorded copy of the strategy session
  • Confirm design options (1 Show background design included)

Set up:

1 30 minute set up session per month:

  • Schedule your stream the same day and time every week
  • Connect your distribution channels
  • Review Stream to the Dream Form
  • Client can review free video on streaming software and ask questions during set up session
  • Train how to share the stream

Show Design:

Design show background

  • 4 15 minute show prep sessions with Laws of Life Engineer Rehearsal Time per week
  • Review order of JPGs,Mp4s and commercials with your engineer
  • Review order of captions
  • Discuss lighting and background
  • Verify audio and video quality
  • Trouble shoot
  • Review script if any
  • Assess guest order

Show Production:

4 SHOWS per week: Stream for 15 minutes per week with your Laws of Life Engineer

It’s time to go LIVE!

Show Distribution:

Show distributes to:

Your choice of 2 (Facebook, Linked In, You Tube, Twitter)


Laws of Life Social Media FB

Laws of Life You Tube

Laws of Life Twitter

Laws of Life Roku Channel

Upgrade to 137 Channel Distribution:

Additional fee of $150 per month.


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