The Laws of GoHighlevel - A 100 Day Digital Course on Building your own funnels!  LIVE TEACHERS & LIVE Q&A

The Laws of GoHighlevel - A 100 Day Digital Course on Building your own funnels! LIVE TEACHERS & LIVE Q&A

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This is a group coaching program specifically about the Go High Level CRM Program that starts on Friday, January 14, 2022.  Taught by LIVE INSTRUCTORS Laws of Life Founder Blanca Perper and Joey Lewis, TUFF TURF Media, the group will meet on Zoom two times a week.  The course ends on April 29, 2022. 

This program includes FREE access to the Go Highlevel Program for 90 days but emails and text messages cannot be sent during the period until customer purchases their own exclusive Go High Level Account.

Alternatively, students can obtain a 14 day free trial on Go High Level [through our Affiliate Account and then purchase a membership for 2.5 months which equals $100 per month.  

The Group meets on Mondays at 2:00 pm for a 90 minute session.  All sessions will be recorded and can be accessed on a Google Drive 24 hours/day.

The Group also meets on Fridays at 3:00 pm for 90 minutes of Q&A.

A second additional Q&A's will be scheduled depending on the consensus of the group.

The curriculum is extensive and will include at a high level the following map of action:

Week 1:  Mapping out the entire journey from offer to sale and your ideal customer avatar.  Understanding the entire 100 day journey and the goals that will be achieved along the way.  Introduction to the system and going through each of its components.

Week 2:  Creating the Irresistable Offer.  How do we frame the offer? What is the campaign that circles the offer?  Confirmation of surrounding branding colors and fonts and writing the copy in twenty (20) different ways that expresses the offer.

Week 3:  Introduction to Graphic Design Canva:  Design your own graphics for your offers, ads, social media, website, and of course, emails and SMS messages.

Week 4:  Purchase Domain and building the Landing Page inside Go High Level Program and integrating the offer into the landing page.  

Week 5:  Revise Landing Page with a focus on copywriting principles.  How to tag our contacts and creating the Email Template and SMS Template.  

Week 6: Integrate your calendar into your Go High Level.  Integrate your calendar into your landing page.

Week 7: Script your video for social media to attract people to click your landing page.  Introduction to Video Editing. 

Week 8:  Integrate the edited video into your landing page

Week 9:  Create social media copy that incorporates your Landing Page, write the copy for it, do the tagging of your tribe and link your landing page.

Week 10:  Create subscription page, form builder on Go High Level so that the subscription and forms can be integrated into the Landing Page.

Week 11:  Use Canva to incorporate your edited video and then create an animated video. 

Week 12:   Decide if they want their own Go High Level account.  If you do, then your account will be copied into your private Go High Level account and this service is also included.  Once you decide that you want your own Go High level Account, then you can LAUNCH Your Offer inside your own Go High Level Account! Let's gooo! Start selling!

By the end of Week 12, you will have a 100 Day Turnaround and the POWER to take control of YOUR brand and create as many IRRESISTABLE offers as you wish!


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