Website for Larry Goldstein

Website for Larry Goldstein

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This includes:

- 1 hour custom website design and copywriting session with Blanca to review the blue print of your new website. The goal being to mirror and improve your existing site entitled

-1 hour session with Laws of Life Assistant to Create your mailchimp account so you can start building your email list and connect your website to your mailchimp email collection account.

- This includes the entire set up of the website by the tech team

- This includes a 1 hour review meeting with Blanca to edit the website after it is completed by the tech team

- This includes 2 rounds of edits with the tech team

- This includes 1 year of hosting of website.

- This includes 1 guest of honor interview on the Laws of Life Networking group and Roku Channel

- You will need to purchase your domain (which our team can walk you through) and you’re good to go!

- Total of 3 hours of design/copywriting with Blanca included

- Additional time with Blanca is $150 per hour.

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