So once again, this week was about the combination of MINDSET and having FUN. In anticipation of having Mason Pace as a guest on Fired Up with Blanca. I declared Wednesday October 7 ROCK STAR Day! I would dress like a rock star and convert my mindset to that of a mind star. I started my day with champagne (ok, it was non- alcoholic) and strawberries, I had a morning interview with Tim "The Byrdman" on 95.9 FM and 106.9 FM promoting the Fired Up with Blanca show and Mason Pace and all of our segment hosts  and I was pumped like a Rockstar. I then decided to get the community  FIRED UP and started a ROCKSTAR selfie competition. The winning Rockstar selfie would win a bonus interview with me on Fired Up with Blanca! And you know what? the world responded! They got excited! The world got fired up because I got fired up! And I felt so ALIVE! So happy! So excited! The combination of mindset and a commitment to keeping life fun was like a natural high and it felt positive, healthy and tricking fantastic. Therefore, set your mind to the tone that you want and infuse a little fun and see what happened next.

Here's to living life to its fullest! If you ever want to talk marketing or how to elevate your business mindset, please feel free to reach out to me anytime!

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